Propagation Tips

Soft Corals

Soft corals are generally one of the more easy, and forgiving of mistakes, corals to frag pieces off. For most soft corals you simply cut the desired frag off and attach to a frag plug. Give it some time to heal and you’re done!

While some people will use sharp scissors here to cut the soft coral, I will always recommend a brand new scalpel blade. Replacement blades are cheap the the precision, as well as clean cuts, they provide are very much worth the small price tag. Not to mention the cleaner the cut is, the faster the coral will heal and be less prone to infection.

Zoanthids and Palys

While they are a soft coral they do deserve their own mention. I have an article being released shortly that will have a step by step instruction on how to frag these.

LPS (Large Polyp Stony) Corals

LPS are some of the harder to frag corals out there. They come in different types such as branching, wall corals, or even some that spread across rocks like acans. We’ll discuss basic techniques but for specific species be on the look for new articles coming out. I’ll make an index here as the articles get released.

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SPS (Small Polyp Stony) Corals

Many SPS corals are really easy to frag using a tool like bone cutters. On a coral like acropora or birdsnest for example, you simply cut the desired branch off and put onto a new frag plug. Easy.

A plating monti is easily broken with your hand and put onto a new plug as well. Encrusting monti will require the use of your bone cutters to cut the rock apart however.

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