Starting a new saltwater tank

Well its been a few years. Join me as I set up a new aquarium and what my process is like.

Well after taking a break I am ready to dive back in. I decided to start a new reef tank after thinking through all of the options. I have always loved lion fish; in fact they are the reason I started a saltwater tank to begin with. The need for live food was a bit of a con for me. The tank size and crazy fast growth rate was the other reason. When I took down my last tank I kept most of my dry gear. As I thought about setting up a puffer fish tank, I was feeling guilty for not making the full use of my gear. I mean I already had the gear to keep corals. It Seemed like a shame to not use it all. So when I thought about what I would enjoy the most I decided a tank full of bright colors and active, swimming fish would be relaxing.

I wanted a tank that could be enjoyed when I got off work. I wanted something I could keep in my living room area and for that I needed something small. I really enjoyed the look for rimless tanks but did not care for the giant price tag! I was lucky to find a used setup for a decent price. I was able to get an Aquatop Recife ECO 40 Gallon aquarium. Came with some extra accessories like a radion xr15 light, upgraded skimmer, AI Nero 5 powerhead, extra pumps and some micro dosers.

So, without further ado, stay tuned for my next posts as I share my process in setting up the tank, what my goals are, and I am hoping to make regular updates to share the progress!


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